jennifer stanley
I am Jennifer Elaine Stanley, Teaching Fellow and MFA student in the department of Design with a concentration in Fashion Design and Creative Technology at the University of North Texas. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design and Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies from Texas Woman’s University.
As a designer, I am passionate about product development for specialized markets, such as clothing for maternity, breastfeeding, and postpartum women. I have also worked as a creative designer for development of sensory friendly garments
In my teaching experience, I have expertise instructing design construction, pattern making for fashion design, draping, sustainable design, and foundational art courses. As an instructor I focus on teaching industry standards of product development, maintaining a diverse and inclusive classroom environment, and inspiring students creative thinking through the use of technology.
My research topics include investigating laser cutting, textile printing, virtual reality systems, and identifiable characteristics of wearable technology. My professional goals include practical application of these subjects in the fashion design classroom.