This body of creative research explores the use of technology when producing garments for mothers. Specifically, this work uses digital fabric printing, laser cutting, 3D body scanning, and 3D design software in production of these garments, focusing specifically on the advantage these tools have in the design development process for the specialized market.

When technology is applied to design for mothers, it can aid in creative or technical advantages. For example, the 3D body scanning and 3D design software contributed to improving garment satisfaction in breastfeeding and postpartum mothers. Using the scanning in conjunction with the software generated designs that addressed mothers’ clothing function regarding fit, breastfeeding accessibility, and fashionability. The use of digital fabric printing combined with laser cutting resulted in the aesthetics of the garment having intentional meaning and connection using the print, the motifs, and the colors.

This research examines the opportunity technology offers when applied fashion design for mothers, and contributes to the existing body of work regarding technology used in design for specialized markets.

The inspiration behind my work is my own personal journey in motherhood. Throughout my experience being a mom, I have been a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor, NICU mother, breastfeeding mother, breastmilk donor and recipient, community member, student, educator, and artist. My relationship with my son drives my passion and creative work. The digital fabric prints in this exhibition serve as a representation of this. For example, in the galaxy print I used the colors of our birthstones, combined with the color his birthstone would be if he was not born premature. In the line art digital print, I used photos from my personal breastfeeding journey and created repeating motifs from our figures. I will continue to draw inspiration from my own experiences and continue to research the intersection of motherhood, fashion, and technology in future work.

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